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Remote Learning for Years 2 - 6


Google Classroom

We are are now using Google Classroom to enable our pupils between years 2 and 6 to access remote learning.

Every child has a unique login to the Classroom.

Google Classroom is a safe and secure solution for children to access learning materials directly from their class teachers; a location in which they can collaborate with their peers by sharing useful websites and tips to completing assignments; a hub to allow blended learning direct from their school classrooms into the comfort of their own homes.

By clicking the image above, you will be taken directly to the Google Classroom log in webpage.  Once in, you will be in your class page which will be full of fun assignments and revision-style materials.

If you have any problems with your log in information please contact admin@creswick.herts.sch.uk

If you require any help or support with your child's learning please email your child's class teacher via the year group email.

             Year 2 Maple                  Maple@creswick.herts.sch.uk Miss Longstaff
     Year 2 Primrose             Primrose@creswick.herts.sch.uk Mrs Thompson & Mrs Murphy
              Year 3 Violet                  Violet@creswick.herts.sch.uk Mr Beasley
              Year 3 Poplar                 Poplar@creswick.herts.sch.uk Ms Gallagher
              Year 4 Honeysuckle     Honeysuckle@creswick.herts.sch.uk Miss Tinslay
              Year 4 Pine                    Pine@creswick.herts.sch.uk Mr Pryde
              Year 5 Snowdrop         Snowdrop@creswick.herts.sch.uk Miss Stevens
              Year 5 Willow               Willow@creswick.herts.sch.uk Mrs Johnson & Mrs Mast
              Year 6 Bramble             Bramble@creswick.herts.sch.uk Miss Whitehouse
              Year 6 Elm                     Elm@creswick.herts.sch.uk Miss Wilkinson

How to access Google Classroom - Instructions for how to access Google Classroom

In addition to Google Classroom, our pupil's have access to the following learning platforms:


Recording of online meeting with parents/carers about online learning (04/01/2021)